What would I miss if I was deaf?

Today was my lazy Saturday.  Instead of doing something productive (like I probably should have… ), I watched a movie on History channel called There Will Be Blood.  Never heard of it?  Neither had I, but it held me captive.  In the film, Daniel Day-Lewis plays a greedy oilman and prospector, Daniel Plainview, during the early nineteen hundreds.  In pursuit of oil found under the cheap California land, Plainview adopts an orphaned boy to appear family orientated to the land owners of Little Boston.  After an explosion at the well’s derrick, the adopted son looses his hearing for life.

Occasionally in my life, I had thought, “How terrible it would be to loose my eyesight.”  Watching the film and what happened to the boy, it had me pondering about what I would miss most if I lost my hearing.  Music immediately came to mind.  My ability to easily converse with others would no doubt be hampered.  It occurs to me that hearing is something I have always taken for granted.  The possibility of being deaf inspired to listen to some of my favorite music–what would I do if I never heard any of it again?  Would my mind still remember the music from deep within the recesses of my memory?  Over time would I eventually forget the tunes or might I learn to read musical scores and still appreciate it?

I remember reading a CCM magazine article over a decade ago where Amy Grant was asked to list the vinyl records she would want with her if she was stranded on a dessert island (hypothetically of course).  Thinking about my own imagined deafness, which songs or CDs that I would miss most? Or knowing I would eventually be deaf, what songs would I want to hear just once more.  In no particular order–these just came to mind…

Sad Farewell Instrumental from The Mole Soundtrack

Love Theme from The Russia House by Jerry Goldsmith

Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For by U2

God Will Lift Up Your Head by Jars of Clay

Last Christmas by Cascada

Tender Tennessee Christmas by Amy Grant

When Stars Go Blue by The Corrs and Bono

Everybody Hurts performed by The Corrs

End of Innocence performed by Don Henley

What songs might you want to hear again?


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