A Reference Letter To My Co-worker


The other day, I was saddened to hear that you, a long standing member of our C&W family, are leaving to pursue bigger and better things. Of course I am happy for you, but sad to see you go, *sniffle, sniffle*.

Jennifer McQueen, I consider it a privilege to have worked alongside you since February 2008.

Most of us in our life have approached an employer about obtaining a reference letter. I have no idea if you even needed such a thing to obtain your new position, but knowing you and your contribution around here, the reference letter would have been legendary, if not infamous.

With your pending departure on my mind, I was inspired to construct my own little “Reference Letter From a Co-worker”. I figure you’ll never need my reference to get a job (In the words of Napoleon Dynamite, “You have skills.” and those speak for themselves), so instead this letter serves as my own personal tribute to having enjoyed working alongside you.

To Whom This May Concern,

First off, I figure if you’re reading this then you’ve deemed Jennifer a worthy candidate for the position. Congratulations, you must be an astute employer with an eye for talent. Now hurry up and offer her the position.

For nearly five years, Jennifer has been an excellent coworker to me and many others here at C&W. Amazingly, the business has neither burned down, nor has anyone been arrested in handcuffs during her tenure. Colleagues from both the local and national offices frequently rave about Jennifer’s contributions, specifically how she exceeds all expectations (especially considering that she started out as a young aspiring artist from Saskatoon). One agent, so impressed and thankful for her creative deliverables, bought her Italian designer shoes (She gets Italian shoes and I get cookies—go figure).

Most of Jennifer’s work for the Agency involves creative design in print and copy mediums. Beyond that she has also demonstrates excellence with painted media, covert web development, golf merchandising, and even small-screen acting. Recently an internal office training video went viral on the internet, and Jennifer’s acting has been equated to a young Heather Locklear (Melrose Place 2(Too)? Well it happened for 90210, right?).

Her interpersonal networking skills are honed. Whether she’s rubbing elbows with bikers at the Shamrock, or hanging with the Finer Things Club, Jennifer is a piece of the puzzle that seems to fit everywhere. If there was a place you wanted to go, she’s probably been there, and if not, she always knows who to speak with about gettin’ in. And don’t get me started about her unique magnet collection (apparently that’s a Calgary thang).

Jennifer demonstrates a life-long pursuit to develop her interpersonal working skills. Long gone are the days when Jennifer was sat down to cover the basics of “How not to treat the newly hired support staff.” And only one past C&W employee was recently reported to have given Jennifer special hand signals (God Bless our dear little Romeo, wherever thou art now).

Innovation is synonymous with Jennifer. Not only was she the founder of C&W’s Employee of the Month Award, she chaired its selection committee, repeatedly was nominated for months, and eventually even received the esteemed honor herself—You go girl!

Jennifer frequently motivates the people she works with. Just thinking about her magic touch with computers (some might say more occult-like than magical), it brings tears to my eyes. In her own special way, I’ve seen how Jennifer’s keen powers of observation correct those with run-away delusions of pride, and restore the multitudes to simple humility. How does that saying go… “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?”

After working with Jennifer, words like discretion, compromise, empathy, sensitivity—they just simply aren’t the first things that pop to mind. But knowing Jennifer is to experience genuine outspoken honesty. Many a time, Jennifer shows kindness in providing her less-than-subtle reminders of the way things were, are, and should be. She usually knows what is best, and if not, you just let her think that she does (Just ask her interoffice sweetheart, Jordan. Not to be confused with that nutty wife she’s married to on facebook).

Whatever the case, clearly by now, you the employer, should realize you have a keeper. Jennifer is the real thing and SHE IS the one for your company. And if not, well, it might just be better for everyone involved if you let her think she is. Deep, deep down, my coworkers and I will dearly miss Jennifer, indeed! (No, it wasn’t a typo, I really meant dearly, and not barely).


Lane Smith
IT Network Technician

So, since you already have your position at BMO, and you likely won’t need this letter any time soon (or likely ever), I hope it serves as a keepsake of your time with us at C&W. It occurs to me that some things are worth blogging to the world, other things are better announced on facebook, but a few select things, more personal in nature, should be treasured between good friends who started out as co-workers (with a bunch of Bccs to people you worked with who might also find it amusing). Can you guess which I chose today?

Looking forward to working with you for a couple more days!

With Kindest Regards,


And Jennifer’s response…

You posted this on facebook??? LOL. Thanks Lane I’m going to print this out and put it up at my new office/ cubicle whichever it is I get. Of course I’ll wait till I’ve cleared the 6 month probation period just in case someone reads it. I wouldn’t want to pull a Lane and have to ask for my job back. You are too funny. I thought you’d mention the dress like your office IT tech day last Halloween. I will truly miss you Lane, and for the rest of my life when I see socks & sandals I’ll think of you.


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