Imagining Venice

Friday was my last day or work.  Two weeks before I had resigned my position.  Like in the movies or TV, I spent five minutes packing up my stuff into a box.  I had only worked with DIRTT for six months–not enough time to get thoroughly nested yet.  DIRTT was also the kind of place where people’s workspace was limited in the amount of “stuff” we could accumulate.  For me, that was a good thing–some crazed minimalists  might suggest I lean towards office hoarding.  If you ever saw the movie Fletch, you might remember Chevy Chase’s desk–mine has never looked that bad, but it’s been close.

During my first week at DIRTT, one of my assignments was to fix the quality issue with the Xerox Phaser (a waxed based printer that basically melts crayon blocks onto paper to create color copies or print jobs).  This printer was out of warranty, so rather than call the Xerox repair guy, I was entrusted to troubleshoot it myself.  During my diagnosis, and with helpful instructions from the internet, I printed many pictures–the kind that would test the full range of colors.  On Google Images I found pictures of sunsets and scenic images of Venice at dusk.  My best efforts to fix the printer ended up in vain, and eventually the professional was called in to service the unit.

Once the printer issues were resolved, I was left with my paper gallery of Venice.  Most of it was recycled, but a couple decent prints became long-term scenery for my workspace.  I’ve never been to Venice, nor Italy.  It certainly isn’t the place I plan to go anytime soon… economics dictate otherwise.  Besides, I figure the kids will find a Disney theme park far more interesting than a historic gem from the Renascence.

So, for the last six months, I’ve been left to occasionally  imagine my evening stroll along the canals in Venice.  I’ve pondered the smells, the sounds, the music, and wondered if pasta dishes taste that much better in Italy.

Remembering my thoughts, imagining Venice from my office chair, were pretty much inspired by a simple photo post seen here…  Imagine.  On her blog, Christine Sternfels asks “What would be left to the imagination if you were already in paradise?”  For me, right now, Venice and Italy are left to my imagination, and perhaps some distant bucket list.  Though, it makes me wonder if I ever visit there one day, if the real Venice will live up to my imaginary strolls.


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