The Secret World of Arrietty

I’m not sure why my son was inspired to see this movie… I’m guessing the TV marketing did it.  Whatever the case, he convinced me to take him to see it at the theater.  His mother had earlier declined going to see it–usually she’s up for kid’s animated movies, but asian animations, not so much.  As we walked up to the theater, I noticed other parents with same aged children as my son.  My daughter had declined as well (perhaps is seemed too childish for someone as mature as she thinks she is).

During the movie, The Disney logo (and anything Disney-like) only appear in the beginning credits.  Beyond that, you’d never know the movie had anything to do with the Mouse House.

Weeks before the movies release, I recall my sister-in-law mentioning something about the story, “The Borrowers.”  I think she’s read them as a child.  I don’t think there was hardly a book to be found that she hadn’t read as a child.  As the movies website indicates, “The Secret World of Arrietty,” an animated adventure based on Mary Norton’s acclaimed children’s book series “The Borrowers.”

It immediately reminded me of a Saturday morning cartoon from DIC called, The Littles.  The premise was similar in that little people live among normal sized people, but I think they were more like elves (or at least they had pointy ears).  And I was also reminded of Stewart Little, but he was a mouse, I think.

It was refreshing to see something different than the usual Pixar styled animation, but as I’ve seen before in anime, the story was less resolved towards the end, proving to be less predictable, somewhat ambiguous, and leaving the viewer uncertain.  My son commented to me that the movie had  a sad ending.  I suggested it was otherwise… and afterwards each of us saw the other’s point.

Since seeing the movie, my son hasn’t said much about it… certainly it was enjoyable enough… but not enough to drive his imagination for days afterwards.


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