Laughter at inappropriate moments…

Decades ago, when advertising before movies was just new (not to be confused with movie previews–they’d been around a lot longer than me), I recall going to see a show and the above commerical playing before hand.  It had me in stitches and to this day, while the ad plays fresh in my mind, I can’t recall the movie that followed it.

I showed commercial to a couple co-workers… they didn’t quite get it.  Sure, an eager young fellow seems to be having a lot of fun driving “some big ass boat of a car,” to quote my co-worker.  They both seemed to miss the fact that the music-loving driver is in a herse leading the funeral procession.  Once I pointed that out, then came the inevitable “aha” moment (not to be confused with the band, A-ha).  Then it seemed funnier, if not amusing.

The flipant irreverance and portrayed disconnect from the seriousness of the moment is probably what strikes a cord with me.  That, and most peoples’ feet start tapping to the sound of Another One Bites The Dust.  It’s kind of like getting the giggles in church.  Some things just seem their funniest a the most imappropriate moments.

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