Some dads have way too much time on their hands…

I enjoy documentaries, especially popular music documentaries about bands and behind the scenes.  VH1’s Pop Up Video used to be my favorite show on Much Music, though I haven’t seen it in years.  I also haven’t watched Much Music or Much More Music in years.  The other night I caught a 2006 series of documentaries covering the career of Depeche Mode (DM).
At this point, while writing , I have to ask any friends who are turning up there noses to please bear with me, despite their initial shock.  In my mind, I imagine them saying, “I had no idea he’d listen to those guys.” and I imagine others going on about how “Electronic music sucks!”  The truth is, that my taste in music was and remains eclectic ranging from classical to metal (and nearly everywhere between).  I’m certainly not DM’s biggest fan, but did and do enjoy their music in limited doses.
While I was growing up, I think DM was especially interesting to me because the band were pioneers in MIDI and musical sampling.  Most people I knew didn’t listen to DM for any lyrical genius, but rather for how the band fused pop music with emerging technology, and without being too far out there (wherever there was).

So after viewing the DM documentary, I stumbled upon this DMK video on youtube.

Clearly, some dads have way too much time on their hands… or maybe this Bolivian dad is a stay at home dad with his wife working during the day.  How do I know there’s a woman in the picture?  That little girls hair certainly wasn’t done by any dad I know.  Whatever the case, this cover kind of Everything Counts cracked me up.  I shared it with my wife and son, both of whom watched in amazement.  My wife didn’t recall the original song, even after I played the DM version of it.  My son thought it was interesting (not to be confused with cool, though).  Who knows… had I been more musical and had more time on my hands (and a pile of makeshift studio equipment), maybe me and my kids would be doing cover tunes.

I finish off today’s muse with the original, Everything Counts by a much younger Depeche Mode… (for all you who don’t remember either)


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