Feel the Burn

Aqua Velva

“Aftershave!” Lars exclaimed, revealing her renowned gift for grandsons. “I was nearly out!”

“Aftershave? No wonder it burns so badly! I mistook it for mouthwash.”

Giggles erupted.

Grandma’s eyes loathed my false confession.


This confessional moment is brought to you courtesy of this weekend’s prompt at Trifextra, the nice folks still making Aqua Velva, and my dearly departed Grandma D.

The Prompt: a thirty-three word confession.


30 thoughts on “Feel the Burn

  1. what’s that I smell?
    Grandpa? could it be dad ?
    either way theyre both dead.
    OH NO (its my date)
    oedipus complex?
    no way, not me im complex free
    oh wait…its my aftershave lol!

    oh yes! great job…..that was truly hilarious and universal…..so much so…i was inspired not to compete against you…but ALAS…a tribute for you..im still laughing.

    1. Wowser! You totally took things to a new level to include a complex psychological and olfaction. Thanks for joining in and for little tribute. I tip my hat to you!

    1. Forgive me Trifecta, for I have sinned. My confession as described is entirely true. For unexplained reasons, clown-like desires from deep within cause me to habitually make an ass of myself at family gatherings…

      Yes, (sadly) it’s true. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading my response and for hosting Trifecta/Trifextra.

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