About Me (the very basics)

WordPress indicates this page is a place I could “put information about [myself] or [my] site so readers know where [I’m] are coming from.”  Which begs the question, “Where am I coming from?”

My story started nearly forty something years ago.  I used to introduce myself  as “Hi, I’m Lane Smith. I’m a …”  Am I really the sum of my profession?  Maybe at one time that was important.  Today, it seems a little less so.

My name is Lane.  I’m still figuring things out.  To me, life seems more like a journey than ever before.  These days, I aim to live life fuller, reconnect with my neglected creativity, and to tie up some loose ends–my unfinished business.

I love the U2 song that “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.”  I’m confident than I’ll never find it while I’m here on earth, but in between, I long to live rather than just exist.  Anything less would be a disappointment.

Maybe that’s what this blog will be… a collection of notes from my journey.  I’m looking forward to sharing.  Thanks for meeting me along the way.

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