Writing My Own Rules

Obviously, every blog has a starting place.  And before I’ve even begun, It seems I’ve hit another hurdle as I explore my desire to try this creative outlet.  For me, the other obvious hurdle was what to name my blog.  Often I have a burning desire to write, but I stare at the empty page, and haven’t a clue where to start.  It’s not that I don’t have things to say, but I’m not even sure who my audience will be (and if you’re reading this, then thank you for boarding my train of thought).

It reminds me of elementary school looking at the brand new untouched scribbler, and realizing that the perfectly clean pages would eventually contain my imperfect work.   This feels the same.  As you might have guessed, I’ve never blogged before, and truthfully, I haven’t got a clue about blogging.  It bothers me that just like in that scribbler, whatever I write, it won’t be perfect.  There’s a perfectionist in me that rears its ugly head at the most unexpected times.  I press on anyways because in the midst of my imperfection, something of value is going down on paper (even if a blog has nothing really to do with paper at all).

And part of my perceived joy in blogging is the unknown.  I imagine the sense of discovery just waiting for me to unravel.   What ideas are going to poor out of my thoughts as I work these words into sentences and paragraphs?  I’m not even sure, but there’s where I’ll find my creative joy.

It occurred to me, that maybe I should look back on two or three blogs I’ve occasionally read and see how it was that those authors started  (two of my favorites include http://drivetime.ravijain.org/ and http://www.megfowler.com ).  Would their example provide me some informal etiquette to successfully launching my blog?  I retreated from that idea very quickly.  Part of me would rather just figure it out for myself–the same part of me that loves to write my own rules.

So here I go… making it up as I go, writing my own rules.